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Archive for the ‘Photo Gallery’ Category

June 2017 Match Pictures

It’s been a while since we’ve had the opportunity to post pictures from a match.  Thanks to Paul S for taking the pics and giving them to us to share

IPSC66 June 2017 Match photos

April 2014 Match Results

Things couldn’t have been better for the first match of the 2014 season. The morning started out chilly as you can tell from the clothing worn in the morning pictures. It was warmed nicely to around 58 with partly cloudy skies by noon for awesome shooting conditions. A few attendees commented that the best part of the early year matches is that there were no mosquitoes.

Ninety-one people showed up to shoot the eight stage, 208 round count match; representing every class and division in USPSA. Being in the south east corner of Michigan and having matches on the fourth Sunday makes it easy for shooters from Canada, Ohio, and Indiana to join the fun. Approximately 19,000 rounds were fired during the six hour event; some faster than others.

Congratulations to the overall match winner Mike D who was shooting Limited division. Mike beat the Open division winner  James W by a mere 0.3%. Excellent shooting from both and the other division winners: Geoffrey S in Limited 10, Russell M in Production, Dennis T in Revolver, and Ryan S in Single Stack. Ryan had extra competition as some that normally shoot limited or production were preparing for the single stack nationals next weekend. Full match results and stage scores at USPSA.

April 2014 match picture gallery

Short link to pictures from the match:  http://wp.me/P2pugi-96

June 2012 Match Results

With 82 competitors, this was the biggest USPSA match held at the Raccoon Hunters in a long time. Practical pistol shooters ranging from GM to first timers from Ohio, Michigan, and Canada represented every division making for a fun and (sometimes) interesting day. Production and Limited divisions were equally represented with 24 shooters each followed by Open, Single Stack, Limited 10, and a sole brave revolver shooter. You got to admire the revolver shooters that come to a Raccoon Hunters match. Five of the eight stages were 30 rounds or more and absolutely no consideration is given for a revolver friendly stage at WCRH.

Stage designers, Roy Neal and Mike Dame had attended a class a few weeks before and recently shot at some major matches giving them plenty of ideas to challenge everyone. As usual, there were eight stages consisting of seven field courses and a USPSA classifier: Front Sight 2 (99-24). Because of the large number of attendees, it was necessary to form eight squads. This put a squad on every bay at start. The ROs and squad members did an excellent job at keeping things moving smoothly and there were no major hold ups even with all the steel, drop turners, swingers, and many many targets that needed to be pasted in a 218 round local match. Someone needs to find something for Mike to do in his spare time.

A big THANK YOU to those who stayed after to help tear down and stow the props. After everyone was done and scores were compiled, we were still finished by four o’clock. Just as the rain started. You don’t get much better than that at a local match!

 wayne county raccoon hunters USPSA June 2012 contact sheet

Unofficial Combined Results

3 May IPSC Practice

The IPSC group practices on Thursday nights from 1730 – 2000. Practice is open to club members and nonmembers alike. New shooters are strongly encouraged to attend a few practice sessions to learn the range commands and become familiar with procedures before attending an USPSA match.

Practice last night was fun! Roy and Rob set up a stage with 11 paper targets staggered behind barrels and a single popper. Being able to see multiple targets from multiple positions makes a solid plan a necessity as many discovered. Luckily there was a vantage point behind the 180 that was near perfect for capturing some pictures as shooters turned to engage a target about 15 feet directly ahead. The full size pictures are 3.4 MB each so they have been condensed here for easy loading. If you would like a full size picture please ask and arrangements will be made for delivery.

Photo Gallery