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Archive for the ‘Match Results’ Category

September Update

Congratulations to today’s division winners:
Russell M – Production;
James W – Limited;
Justin N – Carry Optics;
Brian P – Single Stack;
John D – PCC;
Harry D – Open; and
Dan O – Limited 10.

Full match results can be viewed on USPSA


Remember that there is no 2-Gun Match next Sunday.  Instead, the WCRH’s members will be prepping the bays for renovation.  We will keep you informed of any work delays that may affect October’s Steel Challenge match.  The work should be done in time as not to affect next month’s USPSA match.  Use the box & link on the left to subscribe to email notifications, follow us on Facebook, and/or check the Brian Enos Forums for the most up-to-date IPSCC66 announcements.

If you won a gun at this year’s berm fund racer and haven’t made arrangements to pick it up, do so soon!

USPSA is a volunteer sport and, like most of the Michigan clubs, Wayne County Raccoon Hunters is a not-for-profit organization.  None of the match staff are paid and the money raised in match fees goes to USPSA fees and match supplies with the remainder used to support the club’s well being.  E.g. Today, you may have noticed the new parking area as well as some appreciated repairs to the driveway.  Being said, if you sign up for a match and can’t make it, please send Geoff an email at the stats gmail address or call Roy so they can add people from the wait list.  Last year’s largest complaint from competitors was the long waits believed to be caused by large squads.  To alleviate competitor’s waiting pains, the match committee limited the number of entries to this year’s matches.  Be courteous to the people on the wait list & our stats team and let us know if you can’t make it.

2-Gun and Steel Challenge RO Class

For those that participate in 2-Gun or Steel Challenge – we are hosting a special NROI-approved class on October 7th to become a 2-Gun and Steel Challenge Range Officers.  You must already be a certified USPSA RO to register.  The class is all day and lunch will be provided.  For more information see our FaceBook Event Page or contact Roy Neal.  Sign up ASAP if you plan to attend.

We look forward to having you at future WCRH USPSA/IPSC events.

Fund Racer Winners – All

Thank you to everyone that came out to the fund racer match over the July 4th weekend.  In addition to a great time shooting with friends, the intention of the match was to raise funds for improvement to the pistol bays at Wayne County Raccoon Hunters.  Some very generous sponsors made sure that everyone who attended the match went home with something and a number of lucky shooters left with certificates for a new gun!

Congratz to the division and class winners!  Although this was a level I match, plaques and medals were awarded as follows:

  • Lesgar M was the overall winner and open division first place followed by Jake D and Robert P
  • Mike D took first in Limited followed by Matt K and Nicholas M
  • Russel M was tops in Production with Jim B and Matthew D in second & third respectively
  • Evgueni K finished first in Single Stack followed by Anatoli K and Roy N
  • Mauro P and Florante T topped the field of Limited 10 participants
  • Geoffrey S finished first in the small but important field of revolver shooters

Full match results are online at USPSA

Match photos


April 2014 Match Results

Things couldn’t have been better for the first match of the 2014 season. The morning started out chilly as you can tell from the clothing worn in the morning pictures. It was warmed nicely to around 58 with partly cloudy skies by noon for awesome shooting conditions. A few attendees commented that the best part of the early year matches is that there were no mosquitoes.

Ninety-one people showed up to shoot the eight stage, 208 round count match; representing every class and division in USPSA. Being in the south east corner of Michigan and having matches on the fourth Sunday makes it easy for shooters from Canada, Ohio, and Indiana to join the fun. Approximately 19,000 rounds were fired during the six hour event; some faster than others.

Congratulations to the overall match winner Mike D who was shooting Limited division. Mike beat the Open division winner  James W by a mere 0.3%. Excellent shooting from both and the other division winners: Geoffrey S in Limited 10, Russell M in Production, Dennis T in Revolver, and Ryan S in Single Stack. Ryan had extra competition as some that normally shoot limited or production were preparing for the single stack nationals next weekend. Full match results and stage scores at USPSA.

April 2014 match picture gallery

Short link to pictures from the match:  http://wp.me/P2pugi-96

May 2013 Match Results

The day of set up started early Sunday morning for the match crew at the May classifier match. Many members spent a long day Saturday shooting in Ohio and got little sleep before arriving ready to put on an exceptional match. Unlike usual classifier match with six classifiers and two field courses, this year the match design team (Brian, Rob, Roy, Bill, and Bob) figured a way to squeeze in a third field course for a total of nine stages. A big thanks to everyone that assisted with set up and RO; especially the non-members who are not expected to assist. The lunchtime pizza from Little Caesars was a nice treat and got everyone in a good mood for a later than usual start.

In total, we had 85 shooters participating. Production was the game of the day with 33 shooters followed by Limited (20), Single Stack (13), Open (10), Limited 10 (8), a lone brave revolver shooter (Dean D). Many attendees used the classifier match to shoot in a division not normally shot or to get classified in a new division making the reloading single hand shooting action interesting on some stages. The clear winner of the day would have to be Russell M, the master class production shooter who won overall and had exceptional scores of 100% on two classifiers (CM09-11 and CM06-02). Chris B also scored a 100% on CM09-11 shooting his production pistol. Congratulations to all division winners: Russell M, Craig B, Geoffrey S, Mike L, Dean D, and Mike H.

match gallery thumbnails

August 2012 Match Results

Technology is great when it works. The Nook PractiScore system has served us well this year right up until the August match when an update to the software exposed a glitch in the system. After nearly an hour working to resolve the problem the techno wizards decided that starting was more important and provided tutorials as needed for squads to enter their shooters manually. For the most part, there were not many problems with the scoring once things got going and even with the late start the last squad was finished shooting and cleaning up by 4 PM. Not bad for a 9 stage, 218 round match!

In all there were 86 shooters representing all divisions except revolver. Production and Limited dominated the event with 61 shooters. B Class shooter Ryan S showed up the three Masters to win Limited while Rob G showed the Single Stack competitors that shooting minor isn’t all that bad at the local club level. The 9 mm single stacks are popular by the ipsc66 guys. Ric G and Lee D battled for the win in production with Ric coming out on top with a 6.5 point lead giving Lee a 99.3% second place.

Everyone I spoke with since the match had good things to say. Even with no movers or shakers the stages were challenging. A lot of people wanted to shoot stage 4 again (masochists) while others would be happy to never see stages like 8 and 9 again. Seems like it’s the easy things that give us the biggest troubles isn’t it?