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May Classifier Match Details

The planning group has spoken and word is that this month’s special classifier match will consist of six USPSA approved classifiers and two field courses. The round count is approximately 156.

Registration for this match will begin at a later time of 11:00 AM and go until noon. Report to the club house to state your name, USPSA number, division and power factor for entry into the electronic scoring system. If you wish to squad with your friends show up early.

May 2013 Match Results

The day of set up started early Sunday morning for the match crew at the May classifier match. Many members spent a long day Saturday shooting in Ohio and got little sleep before arriving ready to put on an exceptional match. Unlike usual classifier match with six classifiers and two field courses, this year the match design team (Brian, Rob, Roy, Bill, and Bob) figured a way to squeeze in a third field course for a total of nine stages. A big thanks to everyone that assisted with set up and RO; especially the non-members who are not expected to assist. The lunchtime pizza from Little Caesars was a nice treat and got everyone in a good mood for a later than usual start.

In total, we had 85 shooters participating. Production was the game of the day with 33 shooters followed by Limited (20), Single Stack (13), Open (10), Limited 10 (8), a lone brave revolver shooter (Dean D). Many attendees used the classifier match to shoot in a division not normally shot or to get classified in a new division making the reloading single hand shooting action interesting on some stages. The clear winner of the day would have to be Russell M, the master class production shooter who won overall and had exceptional scores of 100% on two classifiers (CM09-11 and CM06-02). Chris B also scored a 100% on CM09-11 shooting his production pistol. Congratulations to all division winners: Russell M, Craig B, Geoffrey S, Mike L, Dean D, and Mike H.

match gallery thumbnails

May 2013 Match

The classifier match at WCRH is this Sunday (May 26th). The match is slated to be nine (9) stages with a minimum round count of 147. Stages will consist of six authorized USPSA classifiers and three field courses. The pre-production team met this week and closely reviewed the classifiers shot at IPSC66 & surrounding clubs recently, then chose six that they felt would be fun to shoot and have not been overly used including: CM08-02 Steeler Standards, CM09-11 Razor’s Edge, CM99-02 Night Moves, CM06-02 Big Barricade II, CM99-28 Hillbillton Drill, and CM06-05 Fluffy’s Revenge 2.  For shooters with limited experience, there’s bound to be something here you have never shot before. And, experienced shooters (i.e. old timers), may see a few classifiers they have not shot in a couple of years. There likely will not be too many “D” (This classifier was not used since the stage was shot more than once) earned at this match. The field courses are anyone’s guess but should present a challenge to all shooters regardless of skill level.

The cost of classifier match at WCRH is the same as every other match:
$25 non WCRH members
$20 WCRH members

Because many members of the set up crew will be attending the Ohio State Championship on Saturday, set up will be on Sunday morning.  Non members that show up early are welcome to assist the set up crew. The Ohio match is expected to run later than was anticipated. With a long day of shooting and a late drive home, assistance setting up is very much appreciated.

Match registration will begin approximately 11:00 with shooting starting about 12:00 noon.

Make sure to confirm your division and USPSA number at registration. New members should advise their USPSA number as “Pending” if you have not received your card from USPSA office. Do not worry if you do not have a number. The USPSA staff works diligently when running classifiers to ensure that every current member, including new members, get the credit deserved for their classifiers.


27 May 2012 Match Results

IPSC66 at Wayne County Raccoon Hunters held a 144 round USPSA special classifier match over the Memorial Day weekend. The six classifiers shot at this match included: Melody Line (CM99-08), 3-V (CM03-04), On The Move (CM03-09), Paper Poppers (CM03-05), Fluffy’s Revenge 1 (CM06-04), Can You Count (CM06-03). Two 32 round field courses were also included.

A majority of club members were shooting the Ohio Championship match on Saturday making the usual set up routine difficult.Two members went above and beyond coming in Saturday to set up all six of the classifier stages. This left only the two field courses to be built Sunday morning. A big thank you to Rob G and Bob W for all their hard work!

Being this was a holiday weekend, a large turn out was not expected. It was nice to see nearly 60 people come out to have fun shooting at our club. Other nice surprises were the presence of three members of the Canadian IPSC team. Mike Dame (Big Awesome) is a regular at south east Michigan USPSA matches setting a high bar, Evgueni K and Peter S showed us their exceptional skills as well with first place finishes in Production and Limited divisions respectfully. A warm welcome to Matilda and Bob! The husband & wife production shooters have come to practice on Thursday night and shot their first match at WCRH. With 6 classifiers under their belts they will have a classification next month. More important, both were smiling and said they had fun at the end of the day. The total breakdown of shooters and stage scores for this match are at the USPSA website. Of special note in the scores is that of club member Chris B who had a hit factor of 10.6796 on Melody Line. If the unofficial classifier calculator is correct, this gives Chris a 100% moving him one step closer a GM status.

Unofficial Combined Results

Photo Gallery

Thank you to Eric S for sharing the pictures he was able to get during the match.


May 2012 Match – Special Classifier

The May 27 match is a special classifier match. There will be 8 stages consisting of six USPSA classifiers and two field courses.

Because a number of people will be shooting at the Ohio Sectional on Saturday, set up for match will be Sunday morning from 0800 – 1130. Classifiers don’t normally require a lot of props and are exact in design so set up shouldn’t be too difficult. People that show up at 8 o’clock and help set up receive a discount on their match fee.

Registration for the match is from 1100 – 1130 and shooting will start at 1200 (ish). If you have not shot at Raccoon Hunters yet this year please arrive early so that Brian can enter your USPSA information into the computer for electronic scoring and proper reporting. If you are a new USPSA member and have not received a number you can still shoot and receive credit for the classifiers. Tell Brian (or who ever is manning registration) that your membership number is “Pending”. The USPSA office staff will manually add your scores based on your name. They’re awesome like that.

The Raccoon Hunters does not charge extra for special classifiers. The usual fee of $20 for club members and $25 for nonmembers will be in effect.

If you know people that attend our matches and may not be aware of the later start time for this match, please use this link to direct them to this announcement: http://wp.me/p2pugi-p