2018 Schedule

April 22
May 27
July 22: Special Classifier*
August 26
September 23
October 28 - cancelled
November 25 - tentative

Match usually consists of 7 to 9 field courses with round counts of 170 - 200.

Registration 0830 - 0930
Shooting starts at 1000

Club members - $20
Nonmembers - $25

June 23-24: Berm Racer

Special 2 Gun
April 29
July 29

Steel Challenge
June 2
July 14
August 11
September 1
October 4
November 3

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May Classifier Match Details

The planning group has spoken and word is that this month’s special classifier match will consist of six USPSA approved classifiers and two field courses. The round count is approximately 156.

Registration for this match will begin at a later time of 11:00 AM and go until noon. Report to the club house to state your name, USPSA number, division and power factor for entry into the electronic scoring system. If you wish to squad with your friends show up early.

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