2018 Schedule

April 22
May 27: Special Classifier*
June 23-24: Berm Racer
July 22
August 26
September 23
October 28

Special 2 Gun
April 29
July 29
September 30

Registration 0830 - 0930
Shooting starts at 1000

Club members - $20
Nonmembers - $25

Match usually consists of 7 to 9 field courses with round counts of 170 - 200.

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Practice Canceled 4 Tonight

The weather outside is frightful and most feel that shooting tonight wouldn’t be very delightful so…

USPSA/IPSC66 practice at Wayne County Raccoon Hunters is canceled for April 11th.

Don’t fret, rain or shine we will be shooting our first match of the year on April 28th. Roy and the gang are already looking at some interesting stages to start things off in full IPSC66 tradition: high rounds and some running.


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