2018 Schedule

April 22
May 27: Special Classifier*
June 23-24: Berm Racer
July 22
August 26
September 23
October 28

Special 2 Gun
April 29
July 29
September 30

Registration 0830 - 0930
Shooting starts at 1000

Club members - $20
Nonmembers - $25

Match usually consists of 7 to 9 field courses with round counts of 170 - 200.

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May 2012 Match – Special Classifier

The May 27 match is a special classifier match. There will be 8 stages consisting of six USPSA classifiers and two field courses.

Because a number of people will be shooting at the Ohio Sectional on Saturday, set up for match will be Sunday morning from 0800 – 1130. Classifiers don’t normally require a lot of props and are exact in design so set up shouldn’t be too difficult. People that show up at 8 o’clock and help set up receive a discount on their match fee.

Registration for the match is from 1100 – 1130 and shooting will start at 1200 (ish). If you have not shot at Raccoon Hunters yet this year please arrive early so that Brian can enter your USPSA information into the computer for electronic scoring and proper reporting. If you are a new USPSA member and have not received a number you can still shoot and receive credit for the classifiers. Tell Brian (or who ever is manning registration) that your membership number is “Pending”. The USPSA office staff will manually add your scores based on your name. They’re awesome like that.

The Raccoon Hunters does not charge extra for special classifiers. The usual fee of $20 for club members and $25 for nonmembers will be in effect.

If you know people that attend our matches and may not be aware of the later start time for this match, please use this link to direct them to this announcement: http://wp.me/p2pugi-p


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