2018 Schedule

April 22
May 27
July 22: Special Classifier*
August 26
September 23
October 28 - cancelled
November 25 - tentative

Match usually consists of 7 to 9 field courses with round counts of 170 - 200.

Registration 0830 - 0930
Shooting starts at 1000

Club members - $20
Nonmembers - $25

June 23-24: Berm Racer

Special 2 Gun
April 29
July 29

Steel Challenge
June 2
July 14
August 11
September 1
October 4
November 3

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3 May IPSC Practice

The IPSC group practices on Thursday nights from 1730 – 2000. Practice is open to club members and nonmembers alike. New shooters are strongly encouraged to attend a few practice sessions to learn the range commands and become familiar with procedures before attending an USPSA match.

Practice last night was fun! Roy and Rob set up a stage with 11 paper targets staggered behind barrels and a single popper. Being able to see multiple targets from multiple positions makes a solid plan a necessity as many discovered. Luckily there was a vantage point behind the 180 that was near perfect for capturing some pictures as shooters turned to engage a target about 15 feet directly ahead. The full size pictures are 3.4 MB each so they have been condensed here for easy loading. If you would like a full size picture please ask and arrangements will be made for delivery.

Photo Gallery

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